Die Spur der Ahnen (2017-2018, MDR)

„Die Spur der Ahnen“ is a documentary series quite similar to “Who do you think you are”. For MEINWERK from Dresden I was Archive Producer for two episodes and directed one of the films myself. The research was quite different to other documentaries as I had to find proof for every story by going through historic documents like church registers and letters dating back 500 years.
The first film was called “Die Spur der Ahnen – Der schöne Martin“ (Credits: Archive Producer and Director) which focussed on a man being accidentally shot during a political conflict in the 1920s. The other one was called “Die Spur der Ahnen – Uwe Steimle und sein Urururururururgroßvater“ (Credit: Archive Producer) telling the story of comedian Uwe Steimle and his potential relatedness to a royal goldsmith in Dresden in the 16th century.

Production Company: MEINWERK Film