Ingmar Bergman – Lord of the Demons (2017-2018, 3sat)

For Ingmar Bergman’s 100th birthday BROADVIEW TV produced a 60 minute portrait. I was Archive Producer and coordinated interviews in Sweden and Germany.


Ingmar Bergman is one of the most accomplished filmmakers of all time, with many famous movies and unexpectedly shocking mysteries.

When demons came to visit Ingmar Bergman at night, they frightened him. Different kinds of demons would constantly surround him. Ingmar was unlike everyone else; he would let them become real – others wouldn’t. Life scared him. He dealt with it and expressed it in the movies and theatre plays he produced. A famous scene from the movie “The Seventh Seal”, shows a Knight playing a game of Chess with Death, the Knight believing that he can delay his own death the longer the game continues. Demons, Lies, Passion, Believe, Love, Exile and Death – all chapters that define the life of Ingmar Bergman.

“Theatre is my wife. Film is my mistress” said Ingmar. Theatre and Film were the places he could visualize his ideas. But it had to on his own terms. He would never compromise with others on how to design and shape the scenery. Life and work were no different for Ingmar. Working with him was challenging, as he expected everyone to face their limits, as he did himself.

Throughout his life, he experienced many impactful relationships: Women especially influenced him immensely. Ingmar was famous for working well with them. He explains that women are more open and genuine with the camera. “I love and prefer working with women instead of men. I am interested in humans. But it is better to work with women in a scene, because they are simply more talented in acting. Women are more open.”

In 1997, Bergman was hospitalized in a state of deep depression. He was charged with income tax evasion. How fears, hope, relations and visions formed a part of Bergman’s life is astonishingly revealed in the documentary “Herr der Dämonen”. The people that were closest to him and knew the real Ingmar Bergman, finally reveal the truth about him: The way he felt, performed and pursued his life. Why he was the way he was and why he did what he did, becomes clear. The truth and lies, that tell the story of the stories he told.

Production Company: BROADVIEW TV