Ryan Gosling – Hollywoods Halbgott (2018, ARTE)

A bio pic on Ryan Gosling for which I was Producer and Archive Producer.

Story: Ryan Gosling is one of the most popular actors of today‘s film industry and a social media phenomenon. Despite of the hype around his persona, he maintains something that constitutes a true star – and that seems to be nearly extinct in the multimedia age: secrets.

Nobody ever would have thought that young Ryan Gosling would turn into a superstar. He is bullied in school, cannot sit still and constantly drags himself into trouble. Nevertheless, his mother takes him to a major audition for the Mickey Mouse Club and he prevails against 15.000 contenders. He is offered a two-year contract in Florida and his mother separates from his father to follow her son on his path to fame.

Whilst singing and dancing with Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, he finally finds friends. However, after only two years the show flops and his agent drops him. He is in danger to crash and end up shattered like so many child stars. But young Ryan refuses to give up his dream and lands the part of a young neo-nazi in The Believer. Film critics worldwide are overwhelmed by his performance and the movie receives the Grand Jury Price at Sundance.

In 2011, he is a superstar. The love scene in Crazy Stupid Love explains why he also becomes a womanizer. When he takes off his shirt in one of the scenes his female lover, played by Emma Stone, exclaims: „Seriously? It’s like you’re photoshopped“. This role turns him into the new Cary Grant: non-invasive, occasionally ironic and mysterious.

Although he is not active in the web and does not operate any merchandise, he becomes a social media phenomenon. Suddenly the “Hey Girl. I believe in you” memes go viral on Facebook. Millions visit the Blog FeministRyanGosling and on the website Kissing Ryan one can kiss him in virtual reality. Additionally, devoted fans can purchase Ryan Gosling colouring books, foot mats and dish towels.

Why is Ryan Gosling so popular? Maybe because he radiates freedom, lust for life, stability and fearlessness. In his roles he remains unpredictable and takes a risk with every movie he commits to. The role of the Jazz-pianist in La La Land was a huge challenge for him. But in the film he dances and sings in his tuxedo and patent leather shoes as if there was no tomorrow. And in the end he received a Golden Globe and an Academy Award nomination for this performance.

However, Ryan Gosling is skeptical of awards and does not comment on the hype surrounding his persona. He lives a secluded live with his family in the neighborhood Silverlake, in Los Angeles.

Production Company: BROADVIEW TV