FUSSBALLWUNDER – Von Bern bis Berlin (2024, MAGENTA)

I had the pleasure of working on another exciting BROADVIEW project, once again centered around football.

The documentary film „Fußballwunder“ takes a unique look at the German national football team, just in time for the European Championship hosted in Germany. For 70 years, the performance of the German national team has been intensely scrutinized and commented on by the public. Their success is not just a matter of sporting achievement but also has significant symbolic value for the nation. Victories contribute to the national pride and influence how Germany is perceived by other nations.

„Fußballwunder“ spans from the 1954 World Cup to the upcoming 2024 European Championship, examining the triumphs and setbacks of the German team through the lens of the country’s history. The film reveals how deeply the German national psyche is intertwined with the fortunes of its football team.

The „Miracle of Bern“ in 1954 is seen as an unofficial founding moment of the Federal Republic of Germany, uniting the nation and fostering a new sense of identity. Similarly, the 1974 World Cup victory embodied the German virtues of perseverance and hard work. The 1990 World Cup win symbolized a moment of unity just before the reunification, with the world watching the emerging new Germany. The 2006 „Summer Fairytale“ transformed the nation, while the 2014 World Cup brought both beauty and success, enhancing Germany’s global popularity.

Looking forward to 2024, the film hopes the national team can inspire and unite a divided country, facing rapid changes and searching for its identity. „Fußballwunder“ is not just a story of football but a reflection of a nation’s journey, aspirations, and resilience.



Director: Manfred Oldenburg
Production Company: BROADVIEW TV GmbH

Photo Credit: © BROADVIEW TV