Das letzte Tabu (2024, AMAZON, ZDF)

I had the privilege of working as an Archive Producer on the documentary film „Das letzte Tabu,“ the sequel to „Schwarze Adler.“ I am delighted to have collaborated once again with my colleagues at BROADVIEW TV on this important project.

„Das letzte Tabu“ addresses the profound silence surrounding homosexuality in professional football. With an estimated 500,000 active male footballers worldwide, fewer than ten are openly gay. This documentary features personal stories from those who have defied this taboo, including Thomas Hitzlsperger, the British footballer Justin Fashanu, whose pioneering coming out in 1990 ended tragically, and his niece Amal.

The film also shares the experiences of Marcus Urban, who sacrificed his Bundesliga dreams for his coming out, and insights from US player Collin Martin and UK player-coach Matt Morton, hinting at a future of normality. The narratives reveal common struggles of self-denial and liberation, prompting respect for their courage.

Contributions from Per Mertesacker, referee Babak Rafati, and journalist Rolf Töpperwien highlight the immense pressure within the football industry. Additionally, Tatjana Eggeling’s conversations with closeted players raise critical questions about the persistent silence. Does homosexuality challenge the hyper-masculine image of football heroes? Is there a fear of disrupting the high-performance marketing machine?

„Das letzte Tabu“ meticulously explores these issues, shedding light on not just the stories of footballers, but also a society in transition, questioning its own tolerance and progress.


Director: Manfred Oldenburg
Production Company: BROADVIEW TV GmbH

Photo Credit: © BROADVIEW TV