This is my second documentary portrait about Angela Merkel in 2021/2022. Following BROADVIEW TV’s film for ARD/MDR/ARTE I moved on and worked for Passion Pictures from England creating a documentary for a more international audience. This time not alone though but together with the amazing Filip L. Firlej and Janne Gärtner.


MERKEL tells the astonishing story of how a triple political outsider – a woman, a scientist, and an East German – became one of the most successful politicians in the world. A pastor’s daughter who grew up behind the iron curtain in the former DDR (East Germany), Merkel re-invented herself after the fall of the Berlin Wall to become “the world’s most powerful woman” (Forbes, 2020), often outsmarting and outstaying her male opponents. But despite her historic 16-year Chancellorship of Germany, the international public still knows very little about her. Using vast archive materials and interviews with those who know her – friends, journalists, political allies, and critics – the film offers a thoughtful re-examination of her life and career from both a domestic and international perspective, told with humor, subtlety, and poignancy befitting of its subject.

Director: Eva Weber
Production Company: Passion Pictures, Odd Girl Out Productions, Sonja Henrici Creates, Real Lava