Angela Merkel – Im Lauf der Zeit (2022, ARD, ARTE)

Together with BROADVIEW TV I produced the documentary ANGELA MERKEL – IM LAUF DER ZEIT for ARD and ARTE. In addition to my work as Archive Producer, I coordinated most of the interviews (including Barack Obama, Theresa May, Christine Lagarde, Ursula von der Leyen) and conducted a one-hour interview with Christine Lagarde.


ANGELA MERKEL – IM LAUF DER ZEIT is one of the most personal portraits of the former German Chancellor. It embarks on a biographical-political search for clues that stretches from Templin to Washington, from the building of the Wall to its fall and beyond. Alongside the Chancellor herself, who was still in office at the time of the interview, the generation that has never seen anyone else at the helm of Germany than Angela Merkel also has their say. In addition, international exclusive interview partners such as Barack Obama, Theresa May and Christine Lagarde report from the innermost circle of „power in the making“.

Production Company: BROADVIEW TV