Hitler’s Mein Kampf. A Dangerous Book (2015, ARTE)

I was Archive Producer on this documentary on „Mein Kampf“. It was also my first project as producer in my first year at BROADVIEW TV

Story: A time bomb is ticking in Munich and politicans and historians likewise are agonised by the fact that from January 1st 2016 Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” will lose its copyright protection and might soon be available in book stores all over Germany right next to titles like Harry Potter.

The 52 minute documentary “Mein Kampf – Fight for Hitler’s Legacy” takes a close look at the Bible of the Nazi movement. Where does this book originate from and why was it written? What were Hitler’s intentions when writing it in Landsberg in the 1920s and what impact did it have on the Germans when published. The film takes steps into this dark time in German history but at the same time looks at the upcoming conflict of when the book might become another hit in the German book market. The key question throughout the film is – is this book still dangerous today? Historians from the IFZ Munich who work on a critical edition of “Mein Kampf” have their say about what they think makes this book still dangerous and why the critical edition was first supported by the State of Bavaria but now is not. The French publisher Ferdinand Sorlot and the lawyer Philipp Coen talk about the meaning of “Mein Kampf” in France and other countries and Charlotte Knobloch and Margot Friedlander recount their personal experience during the Holocaust, when their families were murdered.

Production Company: BROADVIEW TV